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crown.jpg In order to provide a full range of services the original company of Anchor Shoring has evolved into several divisions and companies which form The Anchor Group. One of those companies, described below, is Crown Drilling Limited. Depending on the complexity and scope of work your project may require the services of one or all of the three companies of The Anchor Group. Using The Anchor Group simplifies the coordination required between trades and expedites the project schedule.

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The majority of shoring systems require tiebacks for bracing. Prior to founding Crown Drilling it was necessary for Anchor to subcontract the drilling of tiebacks and tiedown anchors to outside firms. This often created delays to projects as it was difficult to ensure that these subcontractors would mobilize to the site in a timely manner. This problem was solved by forming Crown Drilling Limited over 30 years ago. This member of The Anchor Group specializes in drilling rock and soil anchors for bracing of soil retention systems. We also drill tiedown anchors for permanent structures. We are leaders in the tieback industry with state of the art equipment which was designed and built by our firm. We are also able to modify equipment to suit the specific needs of your project.