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banner.jpg In order to provide a full range of services the original company of Anchor Shoring has evolved into several divisions and companies which form The Anchor Group. One of those companies, described below, is Banner Piling and Excavating Limited. Depending on the complexity and scope of work your project may require the services of one or all of the three companies of The Anchor Group. Using The Anchor Group simplifies the coordination required between trades and expedites the project schedule.


Liehberr LRH100 Hydraulic pile driver

Conventional diesel hammer mounted on crane (left)
Liehberr LRH100 Hydraulic pile driver (right rig)

We believe it is important that we are able to offer our clients a full range of shoring and foundation solutions. Banner Piling specializes in the design and installation of sheet piling and all types of pile foundations. In addition to owning a wide range of traditional pile driving equipment we have also designed and built pile driving equipment which allows us to drive piles in as little as 9 feet of headroom. We are able to provide multiple pile driving rigs if required by the project schedule.

Banner Piling at the 407 East Extension Project.

Banner Piling at the 407 East Extension Project.