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Chance (Helical Pier) Anchor Foundation Systems

Chance (Helical Pier) Anchor Foundation Systems

The Anchor Shoring Group of Companies are licensed installers of the helical pier anchor foundation systems manufactured by A.B. Chance. Where access is difficult, or cleanliness, vibration and/or noise are a concern, the helical pier anchor foundation system provides an excellent option.

These anchors can be used in either tension or compression. The anchors can be fitted with various brackets to accommodate new footings, slabs or pile caps. Specialized brackets are also available to support and even raise existing footings and slabs.

The anchors are installed with a hydraulic drill head. The anchors consist of a lead section with bearing helices at the end. The desired anchor length is achieved by adding bolted sections as drilling progresses. The capacity of each anchor is determined by measuring the installation torque, a method which has been thoroughly field tested and proven.

If necessary, this capacity can be verified with a load test. These load tests can be easily set up using hydraulic jacks to apply pressure. Temporary anchors are used to resist the load test force.